A BioBlitz is an event that celebrates the ecological diversity that exists in our students’ everyday lives. NJGA has become involved in these programs as a way to promote earth sciences at a basic level. These events are biological field study programs that incorporate fun and active participation. Our goal is to allow these programs to be tied to lessons at elementary, intermediate, and high school levels. We have designed our BioBlitz to be run on school grounds, to familiarize students with animal and plant life at an intimate level. Our BioBlitz is an educator‐run program, designed to be straightforward and simple to execute, while still delivering the same ecological lesson. The following materials will give you the tools to run our modified BioBlitz introducing students to biology, ecology, and biodiversity.

Modified BioBlitz Lesson Plan: lesson plan with directions for an
instructor and extensions for higher learning.

Click Here for the BioBlitz Lesson

Student Worksheets: accompanying student worksheets,
one blank and one with answers for instructor.

Click here for BioBlitz Student Sheets – Student Copy

Click here for BioBlitz Student Sheets – Answer Copy